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We’re all so busy, so involved, overwhelmed, exhausted, lost. But it only takes a few minutes of Self-Love and Self-Care to find relief from the anxiety & stress. Let those shoulder drop, eyes close, heart rate slow for just a few minutes. Just take 10 minutes to sit quietly and…

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Have you been hearing about Meditation all around the internet? Are you curious what all the hype is about? Would you like to know what you need to get started? If you’re interested in meditation, but don’t have a clue where to start, take a deep breath. I’ve been practicing…

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With all this light and Love (always capital in my book) and positive thinking talk that goes around these days, I worry that the idea of Self-Healing sounds like someone else saying, “You’re just not trying hard enough.” “Your faith is just not that strong.” “You’ve just gotten lost in…

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